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Program Book

A program book will be available at the main entrances of the complex. Please make sure you take one. It includes maps of all fields and some discounts from local vendors.

General Information

1 - Absolutely no alcoholic beverages will permitted on the grounds

2 - Absolutely no pets are allowed with the exception of dogs accompanying the visually impaired or service dogs

3- Coolers will be permitted into the facility and are subject to inspection.

4- You will be allowed to bring in tents to the Greater Chester Valley Sports Complex. We will have designated areas on-site where you will be allowed to pitch your tents. No tents will be allowed to be put up near the actual playing fields. You should check with a member of the host organizing committee if you are unsure of the designated areas. Thank you for your cooperation.

5- Please bring your club banners so they can be displayed along the lane that runs along our walk-way. Make sure you bring ties to hang them up.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation with the above requirements, as we are required to escort anyone found to be in possession of the above from the premises, which means exclusion from the grounds for the entire weekend. We do not want this to happen.



There will be two ATM's on-site available for use.