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1: Please check in at the Registration Tent at least 1 hour prior to your first game, there you will receive your team sheets and credentials for the weekend.


  1. Every child participating in the tournament will have to appear before a registration committee member one hour prior to the start of the team’s first game if they did not pre-register. 
  2. NO PLAYER IS ALLOWED TO PLAY WITHOUT A WRISTBAND, the referees & field marshals will ensure the wearing of wrist bands.
  3. The wrist bands will be worn by the player for the entire weekend. 
  4. Coaches must have their Player Profile Sheets with them at all times. 
  5. If there is a red card issued or there is a question regarding player eligibility the referee will hold the team's player profile sheet and turn it in with the referee’s report.
  6. The teams shall take the field no later than the time specified.
  7.  Team that delays starting of game by 5 minutes shall forfeit the game.

3: No spectators will be allowed on the fields only the coaches.
4: Please familiarize yourself with the field layout.

5: Please remember that it is your responsibility to provide umpires and linespersons for the game immediately following your own game.

6: Please clean up the field after your game, trash bins will be provided on all fields.

8: O’Neill’s t-shirts, player packs and water bottles will be handed out on the first day of the tournament.  Coaches will need to sign for their gear and have their credentials on them to receive gear.


3: Coaches must have the appropriate coaching credentials (Level 1) and a verified police check in order to receive their coaching band/badges. 


4: By accepting a badge and band, you are agreeing to act in accordance with the GAA Code of Conduct, and accept any and all responsibilitiy for your words and actions. The CYC Steering Committee reserves the right to disqualify and/or eject a coach who is acting or speaking in a manner which is deemed inappropriate.