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O’Neill’s Continental YouthChampionships



We are pleased that your city will be hosting the upcoming Continental Youth Championship. There are many requirements associated with hosting an event of this size and magnitude. The CYC Steering Committee is available to assist with any questions or suggestions you m

ay have in running this event.

This manual will serve as a guide for your committee in reaching your goals and meeting the requirements to run this tournament.


  • ●  Host Committee will consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Hotel Coordinator, Referee Coordinator, Bus Coordinator and PRO. The Host Committee may contain other members but maintain these core positions. Steering Committee representative from host city will be liaison and advice Host Committee on CYC updates and guidelines.

  • ●  Representative from your division on CYC Steering Committee will be an active member on Host Committee and advise the committee on proper procedures for running of the tournament.

  • ●  Host Committee will submit to the Steering Committee Secretary a list of names and emails of each of their committee members. Must be submitted by January 1 of the year your city is hosting the event. These members will be listed on the CYC website.

  • ●  Host Committee will communicate directly with CYC Steering Committee on all aspects of the tournament through their respective secretary.

  • ●  Host Committee Chair will be invited on Steering Committee conference calls for the first part of the call to give an overview of progress. If Chair is unable to attend conference call, they must ask a representative from the Host Committee to attend the meeting on their behalf and provide Steering Committee with updates.

  • ●  Contracts for hotels, tents, buses, banquet, etc. must be sent to CYC Steering Committee for approval prior to any signage of contract. This is mandatory. No Steering Committee funds will be distributed to Host Committee if this requirement is not met.


  • ●  Either to be held the last weekend in July or first weekend of August with the approval of the Steering Committee

  • ●  Host City needs to send an email to CYC Steering Committee Secretary with proposed date for tournament.

  • ●  Once date is approved Host City will receive email confirmation


● Location of tournament will be held in a major city with accessible airports and hotels for all traveling cities.


● Host Committee Secretary will send updates to CYC Steering Committee Secretary on the following items prior to scheduled conference calls:

● Hotels
● Playing Fields ● Referees


  • ●  Transportation/Parking

  • ●  Food

  • ●  Vendors

  • ●  Misc. items

  • ●  Each host city is required to be incorporated, etc.

  • ●  Host Committee must provide proof of incorporation

  • ●  Proof needs to be sent to Secretary of the Steering Committee prior to being confirmed as a

    Host City


  • ●  Must provide a $1M minimum general liability insurance certificate to Steering Committee

  • ●  Host Committee is to purchase Supplemental Event Insurance to cover any health occurrences.

  • ●  Proof of insurance and liability forms should be sent to Secretary of Steering Committee


● Host committee is required to submit a detailed budget and updates to the CYC Steering Committee Secretary on the following dates:

● January 1 ● June1


  • ●  Host Committee is required to submit unsigned contracts for review for hotels, buses and any major expenditures (goal posts, field maintenance, field rental, vendors, etc.) for the tournament to CYC Steering Committee for approval

  • ●  If contracts are not submitted prior to signage the CYC Steering Committee reserves the right not to distribute grant funds to Host Committee to support the tournament.

  • ●  Steering Committee will approve and confirm with Host Committee if they can move forward with said contracts


  • ●  The Steering Committee will determine the total amount of grant funds awarded to the Host Committee to help with the running of the tournament

  • ●  There is no guarantee of a minimum or maximum amount that will be provided to any Host Committee

  • ●  The amount will be divided up into payments during the year the tournament is held

  • ●  10% from the final amount will be withheld until the Host Committee Final Report is sent into

    the Steering Committee for review

  • ●  Once the report has been submitted and approved final distribution of funds will be sent to Host



● Preliminary Host Committee CYC Tournament and Financial Report must be submitted within

30 days

  • ●  Host committee is responsible to submit a final report including financials within 60 days after

    the end of the tournament.

  • ●  Report is to provide a full accounting of all activities and details of the event

  • ●  A sample report can be provided to Host Committee to replicate, if needed


  • ●  The Host Committee is responsible for the promotion of the tournament on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • ●  All materials posted on the CYC accounts must be within the Best Practice Guidelines for Coaches and Parents working with Youth Players.

  • ●  The Host Committee’s PRO will be given access to the CYC Facebook page


    • ●  Host Committee must provide CYC Steering Committee information on city and tournament details so website can be updated.

    • ●  CYC Steering Committee will make all updates to website HOST COMMITTEE TIMELINE:

      24 Months:

      • ●  Propose date and location to Steering Committee

      • ●  Meet with your volunteer organizing committee; continue meeting throughout

        tournament planning.

      • ●  Confirm date and location for the tournament. Obtain a certificate of liability insurance

        for your tournament.

      • ●  Confirm layout of fields with Steering Committee

      • ●  Design city logo and submit to Steering Committee Secretary so it can uploaded to CYC

        website 12 Months:

      • ●  Begin soliciting sponsorships, prizes and additional donations; continue throughout tournament planning.

      • ●  Parking arrangements

      • ●  Define volunteer roles for the day of the tournament; recruit volunteers to assist you.

      • ●  Request proposals for bus transportation

      • ●  Secure hotel rooms based on past year’s hotel requirements

        6 Months:

      • ●  Finalize promotional materials to support your outreach and communications (e.g., flyers, posters).

      • ●  Request proposals for tents, port-a-potties, golf carts, walkie talkies, etc.

      • ●  Secure location for Host Committee Banquet. Send estimate of costs to Steering


      • ●  Secure food vendors

2 Months:

  • ●  Recruit referees for the tournament with local adult board clubs

  • ●  Recruit J1s

  • ●  Coordinate Field Marshals with local adult board clubs

  • ●  Create signs for field set-up (Field A, Field B, Restrooms, parking, etc)

    1 Month:

  • ●  Coordinate bus schedule and game schedule with Steering Committee

  • ●  Submit vendor pricing for website

  • ●  Prepare Welcome Packet for visiting clubs and dignitaries. Send to Steering Committee

    for approval prior to sending out to traveling cities 2 Weeks

● Provide a list of names and referee contact information to Steering Committee 1 Week:

  • ●  Set-up fields, tents, signage, etc

  • ●  Welcome Packet is sent to all visiting clubs

  • ●  Bus schedule is finalized



● U8Fields-4


50 meters in length by 35 meters wide


Goalposts 8 feet long x 6 feet high


● U10 Fields - 4


90 meters in length by 45 metres wide (soccer fields)


Goalposts 10 feet long x 6 feet high


● U12/U14Fields-4


110 meters long by 55/60 meters wide (Full size soccer fields)


Goalposts 15 feet long x 7 feet high


● U16/U18 Fields - 2


130-140 meters long by 60-65 meters wide (full size GAA field or slightly smaller)


Goalposts - Full Size GAA Goalposts 21 feet long by 8 feet high


  • ●  At distances of 13m, 20m, 45m (football) and 65m (hurling), lines are marked parallel to the end lines. The intersection of these lines and the end lines with the sidelines are marked with flags.

  • ●  The midline of the field is marked parallel to the end lines and has a maximum length of

10m (Note: the dimensions may be reduced by local bye-laws for U15 or younger grades).


  • ●  1 green & 1 white flag should be at every goal post

  • ●  2 white flags are needed for each of the sidelines.


● 2 Benches for each team for players on fields


  • ●  All Fields must be clearly marked with signage (Field A, Field B, etc.)

  • ●  Water stations to be provided by Host Committee for each side of the field. Host

    Committee to purchase water bottles for players & coaches to be distributed with

    coaches card at registration.

  • ●  Must provide a detailed map with fields labeled, tents clearly named, etc.



  • ●  A written evacuation plan is required in case of inclement weather (lightening, thunderstorms, flooding, etc.)

  • ●  Host Committee is required to submit an evacuation plan to the Steering Committee by June 1

  • ●  Host Committee should work with field vendor and local authorities on the best practices in case of an emergency.

  • ●  Host Committee should include plan for buses removing players and families from facilities back to hotels

  • ●  Main tent: 40 X 40 tent for registration, referees and scoring.

  • ●  Referee tent: Enclosed 20 X 20 tent next to the main tent for referees to change and

    complete reports. 2 8ft tables and chairs. Fans and/or cooling system for tent

  • ●  O’Neills Apparel Tent: 1 - 20X40 enclosed tent

  • ●  1 - 10X10 Enclosed CCC tent for Steering Committee. Must be placed on the other side

    of the referee tent.

  • ●  1 - 10X10 Tent for trophies

  • ●  1 - 20X30 Medical Tent with cots, tables, fans/cooling system and chairs

  • ●  1 - 20X20 Tent for CYC O’Neill’s T-Shirts & bag giveaway(TBD)

  • ●  1 - 10x10 Cooling Tent with fans

  • ●  Signage for tents. All tents must be clearly marked

Host Committee Supplies:

  • ●  10 to 15 - 8 ft tables & chairs for at least 12 people or more

  • ●  Electricity and at least 6 power strips

  • ●  2 - wireless printers/copiers (Check with SC on needs)

  • ●  Plywood for floor of Main Tent (Check with SC on needs)

    Steering Committee Supplies & Ships to Host Committee:

  • ●  Ink & Paper for printer/copiers

  • ●  10 pairs of scissors

  • ●  Staplers & staples

  • ●  Paper clips

  • ●  Pens

  • ●  Highlighters

  • ●  Permanent markers

  • ●  Tape

  • ●  Paper towels

    REFEREE SUPPLIES: Host Committee provides supplies.

  • ●  Host Committee needs to make copies of team sheets (in triplicate) and referee reports (single), for tournament. Steering Committee will determine how many to produce and quantity will be determined closer to the tournament.

  • ●  Whistles for referees

  • ●  Stop watches for referees

  • ●  Golf pencils

  • ●  Referee shirts. Host Committee will assist in ordering shirts locally with approval from

    Steering Committee. Paid by Steering Committee.


  • ●  Host Committee to provide tea/coffee, water & drinks for Main Tent, O’Neill’s Tent & Referee Tent. Tents need to be replenished throughout each day.

  • ●  Host Committee to provide breakfast & lunch for main tent for Steering Committee each day of the tournament.

    • ○  Breakfast (bagels, muffins, scones, breakfast sandwiches, etc.) & beverages in the tent by 6:30 am each day

    • ○  Lunch (sandwiches, hot items, etc.) provided at 12pm each day

  • ●  Supply O’Neill’s tent & referees each day with food tickets/vouchers.

  • ●  Tickets/Vouchers need to be given to Main tent early each morning

  • ●  Host Committee needs to assign one or more volunteers to be responsible for the needs

    of these tents.


  • ●  Minimum of 8 designated for Steering Committee for the entire weekend

  • ●  Carts are to be labeled with Steering Committee name on the front of each cart

  • ●  No one under the age of 18 should be driving golf carts

  • ●  Host Committee will need to determine how many they will require for the weekend


● One for each Steering Committee member (13)

  • ●  One for each Field Marshall

  • ●  Two for Medical Tent (2)

  • ●  Host Committee & other volunteers as needed.

  • ●  Please ensure you have ample walkies talkies for all members

  • ●  All walkie talkies must be on the same frequency during the tournament



  • ●  Must have wireless internet access at the main CYC tent.

  • ●  Must be tested prior to CYC dates.

  • ●  Wireless access is needed for 4-5 people minimum plus printers.

  • ●  Host Committee may need to bring in a router to accommodate access.

  • ●  O’Neill’s Tent also needs to be supplied with WIFI so they can handle credit card


  • ●  Buses are to be provided to fly in cities only. Other cities will have own transportation.

  • ●  Bus dispatcher is required to be at the fields for the entirety of the tournament

  • ●  Must have bus coordinator at each hotel the first morning

  • ●  Buses should be clearly labeled with the hotel name and bus number

  • ●  Bus drivers should have a scheduled lunch time period. Host Committee should consider providing lunch to drivers so they remain on the premises

  • ●  Buses should be available from hotels to fields starting at 6:30 am to 7:00 pm each day of the event with an emphasis on the early morning and late day departures.

  • ●  Reliability is essential when considering a bus company

  • ●  Must be organized for the entire weekend from hotels to fields

  • ●  Schedule for buses must be supplied to Steering Committee one week before event and

    posted at every hotel and at the fields

  • ●  Email hotel contact with bus schedule. Most hotels will post and print schedules for

    families. Many will leave copies at their main desk.

  • ●  If fields are spread out and the distance is longer than 1⁄2 mile, shuttle buses must be

    provided for attendees at tournament.

  • ●  Prior to signing a contract with a bus company the contract must be reviewed and

    approved by CYC Steering Committee.

  • ●  Host Committee must provide adequate number of buses at the end of the day to

page8image42205376 page8image42205568


transport families back to hotels. This is extremely important when it is a fly-in destination.

  • ●  Must have adequate number of parking spots available for teams.

  • ●  If parking lots are located a distance from the fields shuttle buses must be provided to

    and from the fields

  • ●  Host Committee must inform Steering Committee as to the location of parking.

  • ●  If there is a parking fee associated with parking lot, it must be approved by the Steering


  • ●  Parking passes will be made available to Steering Committee Members and other


designated individuals the Steering Committee names.


  • ●  Must provide adequate amount of toilets

  • ●  Toilets should be located in an accessible area

  • ●  Handicap toilets and hand wash basin need to be supplied

  • ●  Must be cleaned twice a day

  • ●  Checked by volunteers for supplies - toilet paper, etc. multiple times during the day.


  • ●  Host Committee must consult with the Steering Committee before any press, media, photographer or videographer is to attend the event.

  • ●  Photographers/film/video operators wishing to record at the CYC must seek permission from the Secretary of the CYC Steering Committee a minimum of 2 weeks of tournament.

  • ●  Permission forms will be available in advance of the weekend.

  • ●  Host Committee to issue approved “press badge” for media personnel who have been

    approved by CYC Steering Committee


  • ●  Steering Committee is responsible for ordering all medals for tournament.

  • ●  CYC Host Committee needs to designate a person to be responsible for receiving

    trophies in their city.

  • ●  Host Committee will need to provide name, address, email and phone of person storing

    trophies in Host City

  • ●  Trophies will be mailed to Host Committee for storage

  • ●  Host Committee will update Steering Committee representative on shipments

  • ●  Host Committee must provide a stage for awards with speaker and microphone

  • ●  Stage needs to have Host Committee and CYC signage as backdrop for photos

  • ●  Stage will need 2-3 8ft. long tables

  • ●  Host Committee will need to designate one or two volunteers on Saturday & Sunday to

assist with distribution of medals and trophies on stage

  • ●  Host Committee to provide name, address, phone and email for person responsible for receiving O’Neills items being shipped from Ireland

  • ●  O’Neill’s requires a separate secured container at the field to store items

  • ●  Items will be shipped 4 weeks prior to event and will be delivered via freight company

  • ●  O’Neill’s will ship multiple groups of items:

    • ●  O’Neill’s merchandise to sell

    • ●  CYC Steering Committee Apparel

    • ●  Coaches Mentor Polos

    • ●  O’Neill’s Equipment (footballs & sliotars)

  • ●  All items need to be stored in a locked container.

  • ●  Boxes will be marked and Host Committee will be provided a breakdown by box

    numbers of items.

  • ●  Host Committee should only be opening the O’Neill’s equipment boxes. No other boxes

    should be opened.

  • ●  Steering Committee will be responsible for Coaches Mentor Polos and Steering

    Committee Apparel.

  • ●  At the end of the tournament O’Neill’s will box up all remaining items that need to be

    shipped back.

  • ●  Host Committee will be responsible for coordinating with O’Neill’s and freight company

    on pick-up of boxes


  • ●  Host Committee needs to assign a member of their committee to be responsible for organizing

  • ●  Host Committee to provide name, address, phone and email for person responsible for receiving O’Neills items.

  • ●  Host committee picks their own color for shirts but needs to submit color to Steering Committee for approval

  • ●  Host Committee will have t-shirts printed by separate t-shirt vendor of their choosing.

  • ●  Host Committee needs to submit at least 2 quotes for shirts and submit quotes to

    Steering Committee for pre-approval.

  • ●  Steering Committee will send quotes to O’Neill’s for approval

  • ●  Final vendor selection will be made by O’Neill’s. Steering Committee will notify Host

    Committee of vendor selection

  • ●  O’Neill’s will forward logo for front & back with their specification to Steering

    Committee to be sent to screen printer

  • ●  Distribution of shirts will take place on the first day of the tournament.

  • ●  Host Committee needs to provide an area that is easily accessible to coaches on the first

    day to pick up items.

  • ●  Payment of shirts will be made by O’Neill’s. Host Committee must submit invoice to

    Steering Committee 3 weeks prior to CYC . O’Neill’s will bring a check from Ireland and

    make payment at the CYC tournament.

  • ●  T-shirts sizes to be determined by the Steering Committee and will be based on

    registration numbers.


  • ●  There should be someone from the Host Committee assigned to the project

  • ●  Steering Committee will give a final list to Host Committee of teams participating, with

    coach’s name with the amounts of shirts and balls to be placed in bags

  • ●  Bags need to be clearly marked with the Name of the Club, City and age group of team:

    ex. Shannon Gaels, NY, 12A Football

  • ●  Host Committee will bag shirts, bags and football prior to the start of the tournament

  • ●  Bags need to be ready to be distributed on the first day of the tournament

  • ●  A separate tent will need to be set up to store these items

  • ●  Coaches will be required to sign that they picked up their equipment & shirts.

● O’Neill’s bags will be given out with the players t-shirts, one shirt & one bag per player. WATER/WATER BOTTLES:


  • ●  Water towers need to be placed around all fields. One on each side of the fields

  • ●  Water towers need to be checked frequently during the day and replenished

  • ●  Host Committee is responsible for providing water bottles to all players

  • ●  Steering Committee will be able to provide an estimate on how many each city will need

  • ●  Host Committee can seek a sponsor for the water bottles.

  • ●  Water bottles are to be distributed with O’Neill’s players shirts and placed in Give-A- Way bags.

  • ●  No hotel contracts are to be signed without approval of CYC Steering Committee.

  • ●  All contacts need to be reviewed by Steering Committee prior to being signed.

  • ●  Secure hotel rooms based on past year’s hotel requirements

  • ●  Host Committee Hotel Coordinator will be required to go to each CYC hotel and check

    rooms for bed sizes and what each room contains.

  • ●  Steering Committee Hotel Coordinator will work with Host Committee Hotel

    Coordinator to assign clubs to designated hotels

  • ●  Host Committee Hotel Coordinator works with Steering Committee Hotel Coordinator to

    determine how many hotels will be needed for tournament.

  • ●  Steering Committee Hotel Coordinator provides Host Hotel Coordinator with guidelines

    for hotels (pools, restaurants, etc.)

  • ●  Host Committee needs to designate one hotel as the Main Hotel for event.

  • ●  Rooms need to be reserved in the Main Hotel for dignitaries from Ireland please consult

    with Steering Committee Hotel Coordinator for number of rooms

  • ●  Steering Committee Hotel Coordinator will assign dignitaries & referees hotel rooms

  • ●  Host Committee Hotel Coordinator must communicate with all club secretaries

    regarding rooms.

  • ●  Host Committee Hotel Coordinator should negotiate tournament rate for 2 days prior &

    2 day after the tournament ends.

  • ●  The Host Committee is responsible for a minimum of 25 comp rooms for dignitaries &

    referees (room & tax only)

  • ●  Host Committee Hotel Coordinator is to secure meeting space at the host hotel and/or

    access to business center at host hotel entire weekend for Host Committee and


  • ●  Host Committee to secure meeting room Monday morning after CYC for Steering

    Committee meeting with Croke Park and Host Committee

  • ●  Organize room at main hotel for registration & all necessary items

  • ●  Room for registration must have internet access

  • ●  Must be big enough to accommodate large crowds

  • ●  Registration room needs at least a minimum of 3- 8 ft tables & chairs

  • ●  If in a separate room in the hotel signage needs to be set up in the lobby with location

    of registration

  • ●  All CYC hotels need to have welcome signs and all relevant & updated CYC information.


  • ●  Host Committee must provide a minimum of 15 referees on each day and they must be present at all times.

  • ●  Host Committee must provide a Referee Coordinator for the duration of the tournament

  • ●  Diversification in all 4 codes - 8 football referees, 3 hurling referees, 2 camogie referees

    and 3 ladies football referees are required

  • ●  Host Committee must run a referee clinic and go through CYC rules and how to

    complete a referee reports. This is for local referees only.

  • ●  Names, emails, cell phone numbers, days available and qualifications must be submitted

    to Steering Committee 3 weeks prior to tournament.

  • ●  J1 -payment to referees is the responsibility of the Host Committee. Steering

    Committee does not issue payment to referees. Host Committee must pay J1’s $100 per


  • ●  If J1s or any referee from the Host City does not show up or leaves the tournament

    early, the Steering Committee will deduct $100 per day for each occurance from the

    Host Committee Grant funds.

  • ●  All referees need to be available each day to assist with doing lines and umpiring

    throughout the day even if they are not scheduled to referee a game.

  • ●  All referees will be required to sign in & out each day. They will not be paid if this

    requirement is not met

  • ●  Steering Committee will pay visiting referees $200 for the weekend


  • ●  Host committee must provide umpires and linesmen for first games on each field each morning of each day of the tournament.

  • ●  Host Committee needs to provide vests at every field for linesmen & umpires

  • ●  Field marshal will ensure they are worn.

  • ●  Adults only allowed on the fields as umpires & linesman

  • ●  No children are allowed to be linesman or umpires


  • ●  This is a very important role in the tournament, they are essential in ensuring schedule is adhered to, select responsible individuals

  • ●  Host Committee is required to designate field marshals for each field for the entire weekend.

  • ●  Host Committee will assign one person who is in charge of field marshals, duties of the field marshals will be sent to this person. This person must be setup near the Main Tent and available at all times to assist with issues and/or concerns.

  • ●  Field Marshall should have separate color shirt/vest to distinguish.

  • ●  Host Committee should set-up a rotation system for Field Marshals


  • ●  Host Committee is responsible to supply enough volunteers to support the tournament over the four days.

● If Host Committee supplies their volunteers with tshirts the color of the shirt needs to

be approved by the Steering Committee. It cannot clash with other shirts already being provided for over the weekend.


  • ●  Host Committee is to provide transportation to and from all functions and fields for dignitaries and referees from Ireland. Must have a designated person with a van for the entire weekend. Name and phone number of volunteer is to be provided to Steering Committee.

  • ●  Steering Committee Secretary and Hotel Coordinator coordinates with Croke Park dignitary travel itineraries and other events they will be attending. Hotel Coordinator will submit to Host Committee Secretary to organize arrival & departure from airports and hotel rooms.

  • ●  Host Committee will host CYC dinner for dignitaries. A list of names will be provided to host committee secretary. Host Committee will send out invitations by email to all attendees. Night of dinner to be determined by Steering Committee & Host Committee.

  • ●  Budget for dinner to be approved by the Steering Committee. The cost will be split with Steering Committee and Host Committee. Proposal must be sent to Steering Committee prior to signing contract for dinner. Maximum $5,000 for event.

  • ●  All functions organized for CYC must be pre-approved by Steering Committee and submitted to Steering Committee Secretary with place, time & dress code. Steering Committee Secretary will send information to dignitaries.

  • ●  Host Committee to provide gift bags for all dignitaries. Bags should include local city items (candies, mugs, beverages, etc.). They should have a local flare. Bags should be delivered to hotel rooms prior to dignitaries arrival. List of dignitaries provided by Steering Committee Secretary

  • ●  Prepare Welcome packet and itinerary of weekend events for dignitaries. Send to Steering Committee secretary for approval prior to sending out.


  • ●  Breakfast & Lunch with healthy options & snacks

  • ●  Pricing and food options need to be sent to Steering Committee for review

  • ●  Reasonably priced for families who will be there all day & all weekend

  • ●  Tickets or cash, if tickets they must be able to use the entire weekend



  • ●  A $10.00 admission fee will be allowed for two days of the tournament only, Friday and Saturday

  • ●  Only adults will be charged

  • ●  Players, children and VIPs will not be charged

  • ●  Steering Committee will provide lanyards with laminated tournament rules and wrist band color guide for referees and field marshals

  • ●  Steering Committee will be responsible for lanyards for VIPs & Steering Committee members


  • ●  Fully stocked with medical supplies

  • ●  Staff must be certified medical professionals(RN, EMT, etc.) for the entire weekend

  • ●  Paperwork must be completed for each incident & signed by parent or guardian

  • ●  List of area hospitals/emergency room with names and directions available to hand to

    parents in case of an emergency

  • ●  Needs to have a designated golf cart for medical tent only

  • ●  Tents should have fans for extreme hot weather

  • ●  Must have a minimum of 2 walkie talkies for tent


  • ●  Host Committee need to prepare a Welcome Packet to be distributed to all visiting clubs.

  • ●  Packets will be emailed out to all clubs one week prior to the start of the tournament.

  • ●  All items will be placed on CYC website as well.

  • ●  A sample Welcome Packet can be provided to Host Committee if needed

  • ●  Packet should include the following:

    • Directions to fields

    • Parking information

    • Bus information

    • Mass

    • U6 Games

    • Concessions with prices: tickets, cash, etc.

    • ATM

    • Admission prices

    • Map of field

    • Events

    • Registration Information where & when

    • Playing Fields – list any restrictions/ rules

    • Is there seating, can they bring in chairs

    • Can teams bring in their own tents?

    • Can families bring in coolers?

    • Where can coaches pick up O’Neill’s kids shirts, balls, coaches shirts

    • Is there a parking fee?


  • ●  O’Neill’s is the official sponsor of the CYC Tournament

  • ●  Any additional vendors need to be approved by the Steering Committee prior to any

    contracts or agreements made with vendor

  • ●  Vendors seeking permission to sell products must submit a request in advance of the

    competition to the Secretary of the CYC Steering Committee

  • ●  Host Committee can bring in their own t shirt vendor if they decide but needs to be



  • ●  Overseeing the organization of the CYC Tournament

  • ●  Assigning Hotels to clubs

  • ●  Assigning Dignitaries & Referees to hotels

  • ●  Scheduling of games

  • ●  Ordering of medals

  • ●  Scheduling referees

  • ●  All completed referee reports

  • ●  Updating online scores at tournament

  • ●  Registration/wristbands

  • ●  Steering Committee members designated to oversee field organization

  • ●  Entire online registration

  • ●  Official club registration sheets

  • ●  Trophy presentations

  • ●  Email to clubs to return prior years trophies & shields

  • ●  All disciplinary matters during the tournament

  • ●  Coaches cards

  • ●  Submitting Club contacts to Host Committee Secretary

  • ●  Coordinating with hotel coordinator regarding teams traveling

  • ●  Invitations to CYC tournament to all dignitaries

  • ●  Feedback from clubs after the tournament

LAST UPDATE: 12/3/19